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Conventions Made Simple
Putting It All Together
Self Practice
Shared Reading in Action

"Teaching teachers how to take oral running records becomes so much easier using e-Literacy because of the systematic, yet realistic practice that the materials provide for the teacher participants."

Luanne Peterson, Coordinator of the U.P. Regional Literacy Training Center in Michigan

"It's obvious that the developers have actually trained teachers and taken thousands of running records themselves.  It is not just a wonderful training tool, but it answers questions for teachers."

Susan Chambers, Principal of Schall Elementary School

Self Practice
Product Description

This product is designed for those teachers who need a little additional practice taking running records.  It will help them perfect their ability to listen to what the student reads and how to mark conventions quickly and accurately.  Self Practice is also a perfect follow up or refresher for someone who has not taken running records in a while. 

The audio CD allows for authentic practice of running records because teachers brush up on their skills while listening to actual students.  The text moves beyond the nursery rhymes in Conventions Made Simple to stories used in many classrooms today.  Teachers can use this CD in their computer or home CD player for an extensive practice using student examples of each of the conventions.

Additional Highlights Include
  • Quick written definitions review each convention
  • Provides immediate written feedback to teachers
  • Must practice dividing attention between listening to a student read, novel text, and recording student behavior
  • Gives 19 tracks of students reading for teachers to use for practice

Software and workbook $35

Workbook only $13


Click to see a sample running record
CD may be played on stereos and computers
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